English Grammar & Pronunciation: Talking About The Past

Master English grammar and pronunciation through my interactive lessons. Speak about the past fluently.

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Created by Salamat Khan Shahid Last updated Tue, 22-Oct-2019 English
What will i learn?
  • You will learn 6 English grammar points to talk about the past.
  • You will improve your English speaking and listening.
  • You will improve your English pronunciation.
  • You will be able to speak and listen to native English speakers better.

Curriculum for this course
18 Lessons 01:39:05 Hours
LESSON 1 present perfect (for experiences)
3 Lessons 00:15:18 Hours
  • Study Stage: Grammar and Pronunciation 00:11:16
  • Speaking Practice 00:00:00
  • Listening Practice 00:04:02
  • Study Stage: Grammar and Pronunciation 00:09:39
  • Speaking Practice 00:04:04
  • Listening Practice 00:00:00
  • Study Stage: Grammar and Pronunciation 00:09:46
  • Speaking Practice 00:04:29
  • Listening Practice 00:04:50
  • Study Stage: Grammar and Pronunciation 00:08:25
  • Speaking Practice 00:03:57
  • Listening Practice 00:03:20
  • Study Stage: Grammar and Pronunciation 00:09:29
  • Speaking Practice 00:03:56
  • Listening Practice 00:04:05
  • Study Stage: Grammar and Pronunciation 00:08:43
  • Speaking Practice 00:04:03
  • Listening Practice 00:05:01
  • Intermediate English level
  • 20 minutes a day to study one lesson with me
  • Desire to become better at English
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English Grammar & Pronunciation is a course for intermediate English learners.

This course specifically focuses on grammar you need to know to talk about the past.
You will study 6 essential grammar points, learn the pronunciation, practice speaking, and practice listening. You will be fluent in these grammar points by the end of the course.

The course is taught by me, Luke, a native British English speaker.
I have a Master's Degree in English Education and I have taught English for over 10 years.

This course is for students who want to improve their English grammarpronunciationspeaking fluency, and listening skills.

Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate English students
  • Any English student who wants to improve their English grammar.
  • Any English student who wants to improve their English pronunciation.
  • Any English student who wants to improve their English speaking and listening.
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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the courses. Follow the course WELCOME GUIDE and follow each designed course every day as suggested.

Your success is guaranteed. You can me master if you follow the course regularly. 

Most importantly, make sure you have fun. Good luck with the lessons.

Thanks again for enrolling.

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  • Sun, 20-Oct-2019
    Ashir Hussain
    Great Course.. Really Enjoyed!
  • Sun, 20-Oct-2019
    Malaika Arshid
    Very easy to understand, recommended to English grammar learners.
  • Sun, 20-Oct-2019
    Lubna Anjum
    Very interesting course, Very easy to learn.
  • Sun, 20-Oct-2019
    zain khan khan
    It was very important to me this course because native English speaker correctly understand. I live in third world country, from Pakistan. Native English speakers how to pronounce English word we don't know. I think next course should prepare for large explanation and more practice exercise give to learners, we must understand learning more opportunity native English speakers.
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  • 18 Lessons
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